Saturday, June 18, 2011


Date: 17 of June 2011
Time : 9.00pm to 11.00pm
Distance : 33km
Coordinator : Mr Azhar Sepian

 Parit clock on 31August 1957

 Mr Sofian,Azhar,Yusri and Abu kedai mamak

 Klinik Kesihatan Parit...Health facilities  on  that area


 Mr Tajul,Mr LeroiMTB Blogger (azahari) and Meor Nixon(uitm)

 rest for the while to recovery 

 It's me...hello...

Warm-up to Parit  was organised by Mr Ahar Sepian.Only 9 riders was joined cycling on that night.Warm-up to Parit also excercised for preparation Agrobike Funride on next week.This moment for our bloggers and the other friend.....

- Salam LeroiMTB -

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